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Apr 7, 2017

Nate Chittenden talks about current dairy issues on this bonus cut.

Apr 7, 2017

{A must listen if you live near a farm and have any prejudice or concerns about chemicals infiltrating your garden or property.}

In this episode, Rob and Carrie are chatting about chemicals.

  • Where they go when farmers use them?
  • Are they more dangerous than bug spray?
  • How expensive are they?
  • How are they applied?
  • What should you do if you get "chemical drift" in your yard?
  • What to do if the pesticide gets onto your children's skin or onto your pets.


  • Farmers: What chemicals do you use? Have you ever drifted a pesticide?
  • Consumers: What is your biggest concern about farmer chemicals invading your personal space?

Apr 6, 2017


It's Canadian Dairy Expo week so we are talking cheese, cheese and cheese! Hans Weber brought his family to Canada from Switzerland and fills us in on milking cows and making award winning cheese on the same farm. Find out what booze goes best with different cheeses and what Swiss people do for fun. There may or may not be yodeling.

Apr 4, 2017

Natalie Newell is a mom that doesn’t put up with fear mongering celebrity activist. So much so that she is making a movie promoting common sense in food science, vaccines, and children’s health. Plus we rip on the stupid decision Cargill has made.

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time stamps:

5:40       GFY Cargill

18:05     Who is this skeptic woman?

23:52     oh…. I’ll just make a movie

28:48     no vaccines???

36:07     What every parent should see

40:13     best social media to reach moms

Apr 3, 2017

Listen in as Dr. Larry Steckel of the University of Tennessee runs an Engenia(TM) Herbicide demo with the hopes of having no results.

Mar 31, 2017

In this episode, Rob and Carrie are chatting about container gardening, tips and myths.

They chat about what they are, and Rob gives advice on pests and how to tell if a plant is stressed, soil considerations, and debunks some of the more common myths.

Each give their idea of the perfect plant for a first time container pant.

To go straight to the tips, timestamp is 52:00 "5 Tips for Container Gardening".

FEEDBACK REQUESTED HERE: If you do container gardening let us know what plants you grow. If we've inspired you to try, please let us know.

Mar 30, 2017

Show Notes

1:30 When you are related to literally everyone in your neighborhood.

3:00 Maple Syrup Facts - It’s a Canadian thing.

6:30 Woodlot management = healthy trees.

9:00 OMG we are talking supply management again!

12:00 Wendell learns that it’s not ok to mention Aunt Jemima to a serious Maple Syrup connoisseur.

16:40 Maple Syrup goes high tech.

18:10 Kevin says the magic words – Pancakes and Sausage.

19:55 Maple Beer? What????

22:50 Maple syrup advice for beginners – Don’t burn down the driveshed.

24:00 We have to wrap it up cause Christine can’t wait for pancakes and sausage any longer.

Mar 29, 2017

Today’s guest is a scientist, researcher, and the founder of Dynamite Ag – a sales and consulting company founded in 2012. Growing up in a Christian household, Dr. Curtis Livesay was told not to do drugs, to research about it. This pursuit of knowledge led him to acquire a Ph.D. in interpersonal communication and research methods. It is also the heart of his company – to do great research and disseminate good and useful information.

On today’s episode, Dr. Curtis shares his knowledge, experience, and viewpoints about a variety of topics such as critical agronomic problems, lies fed to farmers, and specific ways to deal with particular agronomic concerns.


“Don’t just try something different, but pay attention to where you put it.” – Dr. Curtis Livesay


This Week on The Future of Agriculture Podcast:

  • How Dr. Curtis found his niche and how he finds the people he works with
  • Difference between plant recoverable and plant available
  • How farmers should balance the economics of farming with environmental stewardship
  • Yield contest over profitability contest
  • What volunteer corn is, why it’s a problem and what farmers can do about it


Check Out Dr. Curtis Livesay Across the Net:


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Mar 28, 2017

Belinda Bowman had a life changing experience when she went to Africa to help people feed themselves. Her charity has transferred over to trying to help the victims of the wildfires.

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Time stamps:

4:29       Wildfire fund raising

14:25     It’s only Africa

28:25     GMOs in Africa

37:36     How she came back to the farm

42:51     Being a chick in ag

Mar 24, 2017

In this episode, Carrie and Rob are stepping away from their one on one conversation to talk to two people helping with the wildfires affecting Kansas, Oklahoma, Colorado and Texas.

Denton Clark of Clark Farms went to help with fire mitigation, as he states, there’s no stopping a fire of this magnitude, you’re just trying to saves people’s farms.

He described what he saw as “nothing short of hell”. When you’re fifteen miles away and you can see the flames clear as day, and the wooden bridges you’re driving across is on fire, it becomes real.

Sean Harmon, a grain farmer from Iowa offered the use of his truck and trailer to haul extra hay, he grabbed his young daughter and headed south.

When she goes back to school after spring break, she’ll be able to tell the story to children not involved with agriculture. Without even realizing it she’ll be acting as an ambassador bridging the gap between farmer and consumer.

According to Sean the photos you see online just doesn’t do the actuality justice. He says he can’t express how insane it is, he heard about it on the news but seeing it in real life took his breath away.

For links to where you can help go to:

Mar 23, 2017

Ed Donkers is this years Breakfast on the Farm host. We talk dairy goats, yoga and ballroom dancing.
0:10 Not all dairy farmers have cows.
4:50 Dairy goats are NOT just little dairy cows.
8:50 Goat raisins - even vegans won't eat them.
10:50 Turning a disaster into an opportunity.
12:30 Goat farmers are not all hippies... but they might be hipsters.
16:35 Umm.... Goat yoga?
20:10 The only time it's ok to wear a pink tuxedo.
21:25 Breakfast on the Farm - Why this one might be the best one yet! Get your tickets at

Mar 21, 2017

Trent Cadra is a rancher in Texas who was struck by the wildfires. Although you really wouldn't know it by talking to him. Even with suffering a loss he is focused on others.

Special thanks to Julie Tomascik


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listen to the whole damn story 

Mar 16, 2017

1:00 Growing up on a farm A.K.A. forced labour
5:15 Maxime Bernier - Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire
9:35 Bananas in Moose Jaw?
14:30 This should be every politicians answer to every question
17:00 Scrap a system that works and create a new milk tax - duh, good plan
22:20 Who out there hasn't accidentally left sensitive documents at their stripper, biker girlfriends by mistake?

Mar 14, 2017

Jerod McDaniel completely destroys the good feelings that I would get when someone would post a picture of a bottle-feeding calf. He’s got an amazing story of taking over the farm at the age of 18.


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7:00       are agvocates being used

14:22     bottle feeding calves

23:22     taking over at 18

43:12     BTFD TV

54:00     corn contest

Mar 13, 2017

"The Farmer & The City Girl Podcast Episode 010 - Shopping Preferences & Food Deserts"

In this episode, Carrie and Rob are chatting about why people shop at the grocery store they do. What factors in their preferred habits.

And then they chat about food deserts what they are, where they are and what programs are out there combating them.


  • Farmers: Are you involved in urban food distribution hubs? If so what are they?
  • Consumers: Do you know people affected by food deserts? Do you live in one - if so how do you handle it?

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Mar 9, 2017

1:30 Why beef farmers and bankers make good partners
6:40 Western cattle- Ontario or bust!
9:50 Senior A Hockey- if you're not Canadian you won't understand
11:50 Wendell accidentally buys a steer. And overpays
16:15 Lubricating the auctioneer- with scotch
19:30 Alberta- it's a dry cold
22:00 Kevin calls Wendell a big, dopey dog
26:30 Kevin has come up with the perfect Friday night

Mar 7, 2017

Katie Hancock is a farmer from Kentucky and doesn’t like hunting. Plus she is raising Satan’s chickens

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Time stamps:

7:12        Katie doesn’t like hunting

19:15     Chickens from the 7th circle of Hell

22:41     Buying out the family farm

32:21     Spouse working for medical insurance

35:41     She calls her call Xena Warrior Princess

42:51     How are farm wives viewed        

45:54     Elevator speeches are canned

Mar 6, 2017

Cream of Wheat has sparked an entire episode!

In this episode, Carrie and Rob are chatting about enriched and fortified foods, how it happens and why. How acids help your food last longer including the secret to keeping avocados from turning brown once it’s exposed to the air.

Which is better – Captain Crunch or Peanut Butter Captain Crunch, plus listen in to hear a super weird fact about Carrie's ice cream habit.


  • Farmers: What is it that is added back into food? When you remove something, process it and then what is being added back in? What form is it in?
  • Consumers: Do the words “Enriched” or “Fortified” on the packaging prompt you to purchase your food? Do you seek out products that are enriched or fortified with specific vitamins or minerals?

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Mar 2, 2017

1:15 Maegan’s job at GFO is not just babysitting Steve. 2:45 From now on, Steve would like to be referred to as “The Silver Surfer” 5:10 Shout out to the Tavistock Hops Company and craft breweries. 10:40 Social Licence – of course Maegan wants to talk about this. 16:30 Pushing back against over-reaching regulation. 20:40 Even soybeans have some limitations. 23:45 Steve and Wendell claim to not know who the bachelor is. 29:00 Wendell gives Maegan some mint new marketing ideas for GFO which Steve mostly shoots down.

Feb 28, 2017

Andy Pasztor confuses me

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10:03 Andy's pickle 

16:35 ginseng is in viagra

20:27 #andyclean

24:45 Chris Soules is the best agvocate ever

28:35 #reallifefarmer

44:30 Andy's much taller cousin

Feb 27, 2017

In this episode, Carrie is trying to understand and Rob is trying to explain, the farmer mentality when it comes to hobby farms, intermediate size farms, big ag and corporate farms.

They talk about everything from the size of your tractor, the types of farm entities, BTO (Big Time Operator), how and why “big ag” can be extremely intimidating to the intermediate/small farmer, and Rob’s obsession with Old McDonald.

And then they drill deep into the farmer’s unique entitlement/failure mentality when it comes to what defines them and the lengths they will go to in order to keep farming.

• Farmers: Have you ever had to take a non-farming job in order to keep food on your table? Did you feel like a failure because of it? Or did you feel like you had to do what you had to do to make it through the rough times?

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Feb 25, 2017

0:50 Why Canadian sugar beets are processed in the US
3:10 Phil explains why Ontario farmers grow better corn than most US states including Illinois
9:00 Consumers really just want cheap food
13:50 Food is not like Uber
18:50 And....... Trump
24:50 Phil tells us his cat story
27:30 Some countries actually have food safety issues without making stuff up

Feb 22, 2017

Most of you will remember today’s guest, Damian Mason, from Episode 04 of the Future of Agriculture Podcast. His charm, humor, and intellect makes him a truly unforgettable person. He is a well-known keynote speaker, coach, and consultant in the agriculture industry.

Damian has been in the agriculture industry for over 23 years. In today’s episode, I took the opportunity to get his views about agriculture as a business. We talk about a variety of topics from consumer perception, baby animals, and he even shares his tips to develop comedic delivery to improve your speaking skills.


 “We, in the agriculture industry, need to portray a degree of professionalism and modernism in the things that we do.”


This Week on The Future of Agriculture Podcast:

  • Damian discusses the consumer’s outdated mindset and perception towards the agriculture industry.
  • We talk about the importance of treating agriculture as a business.
  • Damian emphasizes how and why the members of the agriculture industry need to be more professional and modern towards how they do business.
  • He explains why he thinks that people in the agriculture industry should stop referring to animals as “babies” and call them as they are.
  • We talk about agricultural entrepreneurship and the challenges that agriculture professionals face.
  • Damian talks about his perception of the Millennial generation who are in the agriculture industry.
  • He shares the importance of focusing on entrepreneurialism and un-commoditizing our products.
  • Damian discusses comedic delivery and how to effectively deliver humor to your work, shows, and events.


Resources Mentioned


Reach out with Damian Mason:


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Feb 21, 2017

Now you can find all the best agriculture podcast in one place!!!

Listen two the three founders talk about #FRAN aka the Farm and Rural Ag Network

Feb 20, 2017

Chasing the yields in Indiana, aiming for the magic 100 bushel/acre mark. Listen in as a grower in Indiana discusses how he took on the challenge with help from BASF.

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